Cloud in every lining…when something bad can make you appreciate something good

So this is my second blog post! I might stop counting after I reach blog post 10 which might take me a while. I might not. I’m just excited I got some views! Thanks for making it to this page.

So eventually I will probably focus the blog on a theme of some kind but something happened at the weekend which made me want to blog so here goes!

My husband got robbed in the early hour of Saturday morning by two masked robbers. My husband is one of the loveliest laid back people I have ever met, I probably would say that as I married him but it really is true! He’s pretty well built so when he sensed someone behind him and turned round to see one masked man he didn’t think anything of it (I, on the other hand would have ran for the hills screaming!). The masked man unfortunately had another masked friend and they approached my husband threatening him and ordered him to give him our car keys which he did and they drove off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fuming. I’m mad because I find it absolutely bewildering and shocking to think someone can just think that they can take someone else’s property. They didn’t think that my husband needs his car for his work which has impacted on his work this week. They didn’t think that the fact they took his keys means that we now also have to change our locks because they have our front door key and they probably didn’t think that my nanna’s (who recently passed away) vinyl records were in the back of our car and probably have been lost forever.

However they also probably didn’t know that my first thought was that my husband was okay. He could have been beat up or even worse and quite frankly our world would have changed forever if that had happened. It made me hug my husband a little tighter that night and bring things into perspective. It also made me think of that saying…”what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” and what I’d really like to say to the robbers is that you stole our car but it’s a material thing, there’s something called insurance and you left behind intact something very precious to me. It’s really made me think about how I react to things and I’m not sure I would have had the same reaction a few years ago. I guess I really am growing up. Or I may just be surrounding myself with the right people a little more who keep me calm.

It also made me recognise how wonderful and caring the Twitter world is, I kinda knew before but it really made things hit home so thank you for your kind messages, we are both fine and my husband is coming to turns with being the passenger in the car for a change!

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