Facebook vs Twitter

I’m going through a phase at the moment where I go on and off Facebook. Some of my friends are getting pretty frustrated with me as they don’t know whether I am coming or going at the moment (literally!).

I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I love it because it allows me to share photos or invite a group of people easily and quickly and, as my friends are spread all over the country (and the world!), it means I can keep in contact with them.

I hate it (or dislike as hate is too strong a word) because it frustrates me. I shouldn’t allow it to frustrate me but it does. For a number of reasons. This is ongoing frustration usually triggered by a specific event. The latest thing? Being asked to like and share posts which I don’t agree with. I resent the fact that some aspects of life boils down to how many likes or shares a post gets on facebook. I also dislike the fact that certain racist organisations use topics such as animal cruelty, the armed forces and children to get likes and shares. I appreciate people may not realise what they are sharing but it still annoys me when it appears on my timeline.

On the contrary I know Twitter does have similar things like retweets and favourites but I never have the same feeling that retweets and favourites have the same importance as likes and shares on Facebook. Maybe I am making a personal assumption but that’s how I feel?

I feel like Facebook is a place where everybody tells you what they are doing but Twitter tells you what people are interested in and encourages discussion. I don’t have ‘friends’ who I don’t know ‘in real life’ but I do follow people who I don’t know in real life. I have found new bands, new restaurants and new products through Twitter. Facebook hasn’t added anything to my life but instead has taken away something. The fact is most of my friends choose to communicate with me through Facebook now. Gone are the days of letter writing (except for one lovely friend!) and even phone calls. I miss it and if I am not on Facebook people do communicate with me through a different method. Is this how life is? Should I just accept it?

For now I am a constant yo yo when it comes to Facebook. I am more constant on Twitter for now at least. I hope Twitter continues to be the safe haven I view it to be with people who have different opinions but who are all open to views and the silliness continues. This is probably the most ranty blog post I have written and it’s important to finish on a high so thank you Twitter people, continue being silly, open and honest and keep Twitter special.

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