Getting away from it all

So, I’m not well again today and spending a day at home under the duvet. It tends to follow a pattern that when I take some time off it means I become ill again, I guess it’s another way of my body telling me to slow down. I try and I thought I had managed to recognise when I need to slow down but I obviously miss something sometimes!

So it’s another day watching daytime tv whilst being dosed up and snoozing. I’m the first to admit I’m not a good patient, it’s not the fact I’m at home, it’s the fact that I need to stay in one place all the time. I was thinking about what I could do instead to occupy my mind and my lovely friend suggested writing a blog post or watching a film so here goes.

I’m now the ripe old age of 32. I spent some time with my friends chatting and then Sunday I went away for the day/night to the Cotswolds with my husband. It was a last minute thing and I had no idea where to go. Luckily someone introduced me to the amazing concept of The site is an independent travel agent consultant type agency. My consultant was Kate Balls and recommended through her mum. It was the best decision I made to contact her. I contacted her on the Monday, gave her a budget and a radius of travel and she came back with two options on the Tuesday. She made the booking and sent the confirmation. She also sent me a lovely message on the day of travel and a follow up message. She spent the time getting to know what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

My husband wondered whether it would be more expensive to go through the website but I checked the hotel website and it was more expensive to book direct and would have meant I spent lots of time thinking where to go as well.

So we went to the Cotswolds and on arrival at the Hatton Court Hotel was greeted by a friendly receptionist who upgraded us and gave me a birthday card. The room was lovely with amazing views. We went for a walk and, despite the cold, it was really fun messing about, jumping in the mud on the field and generally just having a laugh. We rounded the evening off with a delicious meal and I ended up falling to sleep a lot sooner than I sleep at home. I think my mind recognised that here was an environment where I could relax and be peaceful and it thought it would take full advantage! The following day we got up, had breakfast and set off home. It was a flying visit but felt like I had taken 3/4 days away rather than an overnight.

We’re not going away on an extended holiday this year and it made me feel disappointed at first but now I recognise that even a long weekend can do as much good as a week long holiday abroad. I think I need to plan better about taking shorter more frequent breaks throughout the year rather than one long holiday towards the end of the year.

So my conclusion of this post is: a) check out Travel Counsellors b) take time off when you need it and recognise the value of shorter more frequent holidays and c) thirties are the new twenties :) xxx

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