Monthly Archives: December 2014

Reflection and looking forward

I should be a) tidying the flat and putting up the Christmas tree b) shopping for Christmas presents or c) resting. The answer is all 3 somehow by the end of this weekend. I don’t tend to panic about the lack of Christmas preparation I have done but I have been surrounding myself with very organised people which makes me think I should probably crack on.

Instead I thought I’d write a blog post. Usually I reflect on New Year’s Eve, looking back about what has gone on over the past year and, more importantly to me, what I hope to achieve next year. This year, with my focus on trying to improve my mindfullness I thought I’d do it earlier this year. Like today.

This year hasn’t been the best year of my life. I lost one of my closest relatives a few months ago completely out of the blue. I always knew that losing my nan would be one of the hardest things I would have to cope with mainly because she was the one person I could speak to about anything, the one who would not be afraid to tell me exactly what she thought in a way that would make me listen and appreciate her even more. As my husband said when he first met her, “you can tell you really love each other”.

On the flip side it also made me realise how lucky I am to have some of my other relatives still alive and there for me whenever I need them. I may have no grandparents left but I do have 3 lovely auntie’s and 2 uncles along with cousins who I am close to.

I am still in my job and it’s going well. It challenges me every day and I do have days when I doubt myself about whether I am capable enough but overall I am pleased with how it is going. I have also met some lovely people and created some of the best friendships.

I’m still married. No small feat when my husband has to put up with my varying mood swings but it seems to be working. Marriage is hard but being without my husband would be a lot harder.

I’ve ended the year with the same friends I started the year with plus a few extra lovely folks.

Next year my resolutions will be the same as they always are. To spend more time with family and friends. I also want to stop the words “I’m so busy” to come out of my mouth when trying to find time to spend with them. The fact is life is busy. I just don’t want being busy to be a reason I can’t spend time with family and friends. So, if things have to slip, the ironing, the washing, then let it be. This year has been good not great but it means that the only way is up next year. Roll on 2015!