There are good people in this world

So, I was ironing this evening and one of my closest friends talked about seeing something which reminded her that there were good people in this world. It really made me think. The news recently has showed wave after wave of tragedy and hate. I have friends who choose not to watch the news because of the constant barrage of hate in the world. I have other friends who are concerned when they are pregnant because they are unsure whether they want to bring a new innocent life into a world like this.

My husband comes from Libya as I have mentioned before. Everyday there is news from Libya about people fighting their own countrymen. We hear about young and old losing their lives everyday in a war that has no winners, only losers. Every day people end their lives because they think the world is a better place without them or they think that they have no place in the world.

So, it made me think. What makes me want to continue fighting? To keep existing? It’s pretty simple.

People. Life. Those moments where you have a belly laugh that literally rocks your entire body after a conversation with friends. That moment where you see someone smile in the street and say hello with no expectation about what you will reply with. That ‘Pride of Britain’ moment when you hear about someone risking their own life for someone else. There are moments like these everyday. They are hidden admittedly and it’s hard some days to find them.

I rely on a few special friends. They are the ones who will message me, sing to me and make me giggle. The ones who I can call on every second of the day and know that they will be there. I rely on my family who inspire me everyday with the experiences that they have had and the love that they show me every day. I rely on my husband who is the most laidback person I have ever met in my life. I rely on stories on Twitter and Facebook, everyday stories about real people with real lives doing extraordinary things. I watch fundraising shows like Comic Relief and Children in Need and become inspired at those who give when they may have little extra money.

It’s difficult. Some days I can see it easier than others. That ‘goodness’. Those special stories that make me smile. I’m not a glass half full person. I’m not a glass half empty. I’m just a yorkshire lass. Sitting in front of a computer/tv screen. Looking for things to make her smile and make her realise that life can be good, life can be great.

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