Monthly Archives: March 2015

The next step

This isn’t the blog post I was intending to write tonight but I need to be more awake to write that particular one but I feel the need to write so I am writing!

My last blog post talked about the fact I took a first step to talk to a doctor about something I probably should have spoken to them about years ago. I went back last week for the results of my blood test but whilst waiting I took another step and rang an organisation called ‘Healthy Minds’.

The assessment call that I eventually had went through most of the questions my doctor had asked me and at the end the lady asked me what help I wanted and needed. We spoke about whether I preferred group or individual sessions (group) and whether I wanted to focus on specialist bereavement counselling support (I didn’t at first). The upshot is that I’m attending my first of six cognitive behavioural sessions on Monday 16th March. I’m really looking forward to the workshops which will focus on sharing experiences and coping mechanisms amongst the group. I opted for group sessions purely because I’m not 100% sure what I want to say at the moment and a group session will mean there is probably less likely to be awkward silences.

At this stage I couldn’t believe how quickly everything has happened in terms of the support offered. I also had an occupational health referral appointment come through from work. I went back to the doctors feeling positive and feeling like things were on the right track.

The doctor was lovely and talked me through my blood tests in detail. I was healthy save for the fact my iron levels were a bit low and then he told me about my Vitamin D levels which were…well a bit low. Normal vitamin D levels are between 50-60 units (or points or however they measure levels). Mine were 14.7. Bit low..The solution? More sunlight and in the meantime I am taking super strength vitamin d tablets.  My doctor asked me if I wanted to look at medication for my depression but I have decided to try CBT linked with the vitamin d tablets for now. I’m not averse to taking medication but I’d like to see whether non medication will work for now.

Ultimately I’m positive and my husband has already noticed a difference in me. Hopefully I’ll soon start to see a difference in myself.