Just because…

When you take your first look at me…

Just because I’m white British and speak with a Yorkshire accent don’t assume that I’m Christian or have a religion at all.

Just because I wear a ring on my wedding finger, don’t assume that I’m married to a man.

Just because I wear a dress, don’t assume that I identify as a woman.

Just because you identify me as a woman and I’m married, don’t assume that I have children or that I want them.

Just because I don’t have children, don’t assume that I’m not fulfilled as a woman.

Just because I don’t wear short skirts, don’t assume it’s because my Muslim husband is controlling what I wear.

Just because I tell you my mum isn’t around, don’t assume that my parents got divorced.

Just because I smile and I’m generally cheery, don’t assume that I’m not crying on the inside.

Just because I’m good at listening, don’t assume that I don’t want to talk sometimes.

Just because I have a degree, don’t assume that I view myself as a clever person.

Just because I don’t talk about my relationship, don’t assume that we don’t have problems sometimes.

If you actually get to know me you would find out:

I am white British and do identify as a Christian. I am married to a man. He’s lovely. I identify as a woman. I do want children but didn’t want to get married and immediately have children. My work keeps me fulfilled at the moment along with friends, travelling and family. I don’t wear short skirts because I’m currently having a massive break out of eczema and have for some time which makes me self conscious about showing off my legs even in 30 degree heat. My mum died when I was young. I struggle with my mental health sometimes but have coping techniques in place, mainly friends, family and husband. I like talking a lot. I don’t use my degree therefore it has no relevance to where I am today. I love my husband but we don’t live in a happy world all the time, we do argue.

The first part is what people can assume. The second part is what I have chosen and it’s the truth. If you want to find out the truth, don’t make assumptions, ask questions. If you don’t care about the truth, don’t make assumptions and stay quiet. Assumptions are dangerous. We all make them but that doesn’t make them right. Assumptions can breed hate, distrust and is bad. Take the person as you find them and you could broaden your own little part of the world.

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