40 before 40

I missed the time to write a 30 before 30 post. To be honest, getting older doesn’t scare me. Seeing people I love die as I’m getting older scares me but the actual part about me getting older, not so much.

Having said that, I feel recently like I’m a little lost and need some focus/goals in my life. So that’s the reason for this post. 40 things to complete/achieve before I’m 40. I’ll be editing as I go along but the aim is to complete the list by the time I’m 35 (October this year). So read this post, comment or let me know some more ideas.

1. Complete a half marathon – because I’m not the most physically fit person in the world but I’d like to improve my health and fitness.

2. Stand as an MP.

3, Complete the 3 Peaks Challenge

4. Start a family

5. Learn British Sign Language

6. Buy my own house

7. Dance in a thunderstorm

8. Watch a sunset in another country

9. Meet my friend in Texas and meet her family

10. Meet my husband’s family

11. Do a skydive

12. Swim with dolphins

13. Get a tattoo

That’s it for now! I need 28 more things!

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