Post January musings

So, we are already halfway through January. Time seems to fly by so quickly recently and it emphasises the need to truly embrace decisions and changes however difficult that is to do.

For me January meant a change of job. New career, new people, new location. I’m still in training mode at the moment so things may change but I have some initial thoughts.

Normally, I would describe myself as pretty outgoing, someone who talks to anybody. However in a job with new people, it does take me a bit of time to work out my place in the team. By that, I don’t mean whereabouts I am in the management hierarchy. Instead I mean identifying at what point can I be myself. Sometimes it takes longer to gel with some people than others. I have quite a sarcastic (or dry!) sense of humour which some can take the wrong way. I felt very strange during the first few days of my new job, a bit out of place and desperately missing my old work colleagues who I had developed friendships with over the past five years.

Roll on 2 weeks and I still miss my old work friends. I’m still determined to keep in touch but I’ve realised something. I want to stay in touch not because they were my work friends. I want to stay in touch because I like them. They made me laugh. They hugged me when I cried (or made me laugh to stop me crying). I could be myself with them.

There are a few new work people already where I can see friendships forming. We all seem to be quite chilled out and friendly and I’m eager to see where my new job takes me both personally and professionally. But I know I’ll have a base of people I’ve collected over the years who will be there for me no matter what. I can add to that base hopefully.

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