It’s not as simple as talking

It’s good to talk. I know that. Yet sometimes it’s genuinely not as simple as talking.

Two weeks ago my mental health took a significant nosedive for reasons that some may know and it’s not important for those that don’t. This week my mental health has been on the up. The sun is shining, husband is back this weekend and a number of things are falling into place.

A friend asked how things have been and I was honest saying the first couple of weeks my husband was away I was a mess. I deactivated social media accounts and withdrew. Her immediate response because she is an amazing friend was “why didn’t you call me, come over etc”.

Sometimes help can be remote. In my case I was well aware of the support that was around but I needed that space. I needed time to come to terms with everything in my head and could then access the right support for me.

I read an amazing blog post by a fellow Twitterer. Silence and just the ability to actively listen is so underrated, Just be there for people who cannot ask for help or don’t need help. That is so powerful.

Sometimes I talk to myself and just say I need to get over things. I mean I need to cope. So, if I go silent, it’s not because I don’t know people are around, it’s because I know people are around but I don’t need or want help at that time. I’ll let you know. Because I can.

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