All the thoughts

Well this post will look at maybe a couple of thoughts whirling around in my head.

It’s been a while since I posted and last week I talked things through with my therapist and realised, pretty rapidly, my health had been on a downward spiral because part of my coping involves writing. Admittedly not very well and not for people to read but for myself. Although you’re very welcome to read my musings.

There are many things I’ve seen on Twitter over the past few weeks that I have felt I need to comment on but I like to think that I consider and process thoughts and then unleash.

Recently I saw posts about conversion therapy and my first thought was…isn’t this illegal already? Turns out it isn’t.

Firstly I want to mention I’m well aware of my privilege. I am a cis hetero white female and if you’re reading this and rolling your eyes…well this post probably isn’t for you.

I’m also training to be a therapist and the concept of conversion therapy really upsets me. Therapy to me is about helping somebody to work out what is within them which they can bring out to enable them to be happy. To take a stuck moment and help them to move on and create change. Happiness and a content life is the key. Conversion therapy seems to suggest that a person comes along and a therapist tells someone that they shouldn’t be feeling a certain way, regardless of whether that way will enable them to be happy or not. I find it hard to understand how conversion therapy sits well with my thoughts about therapy.

I don’t pretend to understand what it is like to feel like I’m born in the wrong body. Yet I think back to my uni last year. Someone mentioned having an issue with something saying ‘mate’. I say ‘mate’ a lot. Yet if I had to say something else, like ‘woman’ or ‘man’, it really wouldn’t matter so, because I care about this uni friend, I’ll stop saying mate and start saying…well probably not woman, maybe lady. It makes no difference to me but it made a lot of difference to her.

So if someone wants to be recognised as a woman when they may be transitioning from male to female….I will call them a female. Because it means literally nothing to me but it means everything to them. And I’ll ask questions and I’ll be curious and I’ll probably get things wrong but I want to learn. And the more that people start accepting, it becomes less about political correctness and more about just humanity and happiness.

This post was prompted by @MunroeBergdorf because she made me think I need to speak out. I love the world that JK Rowling created. I am so sad she experienced the abuse she experienced. I don’t agree with what she has said in the past around transitioning. I don’t have the platform or reach to really make a difference but I have spoken out. Someone once suggested I don’t speak out against bigotry (another blog post) but I have.

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